Sarah Le Hi Vista Media marketing and copywritingHi! I’m Sarah.

I like to create marketing strategies, web presence, multimedia, digital/printed advertising materials, and more for small businesses.

I started Hi Vista Media back in 2010 to help small businesses build a web presence. I can help your brand connect with more customers without breaking the bank. I recognize that as a small business you may not have the marketing budget of bigger companies. Therefore, I offer cost-effective solutions to help boost your brand awareness. Whether you need a few pages of high-quality copy, a website, a social media marketing campaign or help in executing a press release schedule, I can help!

It wasn’t all biscuits and gravy, however.

2010 was an important year for me. Foremost, I graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelors in Sociology, a Bachelors in International Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. Although proud to have completed my college degrees, I was forced head-first into the recession-ridden job market. I had begun my job search months before graduating but it still took me 4 months after finishing school to land a job. During those 4 months I resolved to not let the job hunting period appear as a hiatus on my resume and did some freelance writing and established my brand, Broke in the OC, on a collection of social media platforms. I continued to do freelance writing and social media marketing in my free time after landing my job. I also branched out into web design.

Now freelance copywriting and marketing consulting is what I do all day, every day.

The name Hi Vista Media comes from a beloved, inspirational place in the Mojave Desert, just outside Edwards Air Force Base, where I spent a lot of time as a child. Hi Vista is still a place where I imagine freely. The Mojave’s desolate, parched landscape and lack of sound seem to carry a person deep within their own thoughts.

Speaking of inspiration and day dreaming, I’m curious to hear what ideas you have to grow your business. Contact me to run those ideas by me and learn how I can help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to our future chat!


Sarah Le

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