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Hi Vista Media Blog Post - 3 Weird Instagram Strategies

3 Weird Instagram Strategies that Work

We all have those friends or family members who are super into pop culture and can tell you exactly what antics Miley Cyrus has been up to of late, the perfect Snapchat selfie lens to make you look like a bug-eyed fairy, and which weird Instagram account is “totally blowing up.” I’m talking about your tween niece or your always stylish and perky happy hour buddy. Whether you love it or hate it, they keep you in the loop, right?

HVM- Elevate Your Marketing in 2016 with these Resources

Elevate Your Marketing in 2016 with These Resources

We’re a month into 2016 now and I hope your new year has been going strong. If you feel like your marketing efforts could use a little juice, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these online resources for amping up your marketing in 2016 from the top marketing companies out there.

Unexpected Marketing Tips from Celebrities

It’s that time again when I highlight a few current events and pull out some marketing tips and insights. Today’s theme is celebrities. Celebrities are known for their popular social media profiles, fundraising efforts and unfortunate paparazzi pictures. They often have marketing super powers themselves (or on their publicity team, within their company, etc.). 1. Grumpy Cat – Tony […]

Astronaut Drinks Fresh-Brewed Espresso in Space from Innovative Cups brewed from ISSpresso - Unexpected Marketing Tips

Unexpected Marketing Tips from the News

The study of marketing can introduce you to many different, seemingly unrelated stories and ideas. Here are a few hand-picked news stories bearing unexpected marketing tips. 1. Fresh-Brewed Space Espresso is Now a Thing Astronauts can now sip on freshly brewed space espresso and other hot beverages or even stocks using a new espresso maker aptly […]


Avoid These Top 3 Branding Mistakes

A lot of thought and planning goes into developing a brand. Don’t let that discourage you from creating your brand. If your company can avoid making these top 3 branding mistakes, then you’ll be in business.

Outstanding Facebook Pages

Facebook is a powerful tool that can carry a brand beyond the remote nature of its website home-base and into a highly social, discoverable space where that brand can find and build its community of like-minded supporters. Some pages are successful, many more are not. Below are examples of outstanding Facebook pages and what they’re doing right. These […]

5 Misconceptions About Twitter

5 Misconceptions About Twitter

Twitter has grown to become one of the most prominent social media networking sites out there. The website’s growth in popularity has minimized the number of false impressions surrounding the social media giant, but still many misconceptions about Twitter persist.

3 Marketing Blogs to Follow

Whether you are a novice or experienced in your trade it is essential to keep up with news in the trade. Fortunately for those interested or working in marketing there is an endless amount of news sources. So the problem then becomes which sources should you follow? Here are my top 3 newsletter subscription picks.