Applied for the Freelance Copywriter Position with Coalition Technologies, Los Angeles

I applied for a job at! I feel pretty excited about it. Here is my cover letter if you don’t believe me:

December 7, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Sarah Le. I am a freelance copywriter and marketer based out of Central and Southern California. I am an excellent match for the Freelance Copywriter position.

As a marketing consultant and freelance copywriter, I thrive on spreading the word about a topic through passionate story telling and captivating copy for my clients. I have experience in building brands, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing and analytics. I am a diligent, efficient worker. I am flexible with my time and am able to meet short deadlines.

Congratulations to your company on ranking so highly for “Los Angeles Web Design Company” – I can see that the SEO team at Coalition Technologies has worked very hard to achieve such great rankings. I am passionate about SEO as well and enjoyed looking over the C.T. site to see what your team has been doing. The Who We Are page is astounding, by the way!

Although a job application is typically not the place to talk about one’s parents, I am pleased to say that I have been successful in spreading the word about my mother’s micro-crystal photography fine art and new clothing line. I help edit, write and publish SEO blog posts on her behalf, in addition to managing and building out her entire online presence.

A little about me, personally:

  • I am a quirky, super organized self-starter, bursting at the seams with ideas.
  • I love to travel locally and abroad. A favorite weekend activity of mine: scoping out local restaurant gems.
  • I enjoy gardening and have an interest in cultivating homegrown organic food and orchids.
  • I like to further develop my HTML and CSS skills in my free time.
  • I consider myself fashion-forward. I keep up with trends in apparel and home décor.
  • Writing is as much a favorite pastime for me as it is a serious, lauded workplace skill (particularly SEO copywriting). I find it easy to put thoughts into words. I overcome the infrequent writing-block quickly.
  • I have a passion for social media.

Writing samples for your consideration:

  1. Wrote:
  2. Wrote:
  3. Edited/Wrote:

The Freelance Copywriter position sounds exciting and fulfilling. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help your team reach their goals. Thank you for your time and the opportunity.


Sarah Le

Told ya.

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