Hi HomeLife Media!!

To the Hiring Manager of HomeLife Media:

Thanks for visiting! My name is Sarah Le. On May 1st I submitted an application for the Customer Acquisition Marketing Specialist position via Indeed.com. I created this page for two reasons:

1. I am a hopeful applicant for the Customer Acquisition Marketing Specialist position you have posted to Indeed.

2. HomeLife Media DESERVES this sort of fun, outgoing enthusiasm from all your job applicants!


When I found your job posting, I was blown away by the company’s mission to help animals in shelters. As a happy new doggy-mama (and aspiring future cat lady), I am completely smitten with your company’s mission to help shelter animals.

Just as valuable to me was the opportunity to learn about ecommerce marketing, affiliate marketing, SEM, etc. from your expert marketing staff.

Until now I thought the only way to learn each of these skills in order to advance my marketing know-how would be either educating myself on each in my free time (I enjoy this anyways) or learning them individually at different jobs (ok, but slow!).


I wanted to try again and let you know that I am extremely enthusiastic about the chance to learn from HomeLife Media’s expert marketing team. I am eager to learn and have educated myself on many of the marketing strategies your crew employs through a variety of sources including ClickBank University (the freebie videos) and Pat Flynn. I believe that the prospect of working with a company like yours where I would have endless learning opportunities and a deep connection to the company culture is extremely rare.

It would be a dream come true to join the team, learn the top customer acquisition strategies from your experts AND contribute to something so meaningful – coming to the aid of defenseless animals that just want love. I have watched a series of iHeartDogs.com videos and was touched to the point of tears on a few of them, such as your team delivering orange rubber balls to boost adoption of shelter pups.

I hope you might pass along my gratitude for all you do. I am a fan of your iHeartDogs and iHeartCats brands for life. I hope that you will consider me for the position, but at the very least please let me know if you ever host any volunteer events for shelter animals in Orange County! I would love to help out. =)

Thank you for the opportunity.



Sarah Roullard Le