Sarah Le Hi Vista Media marketing and copywritingHi! I’m Sarah.

Welcome. This website is my own special, professional space on the internet. I’m a marketer with a passion for growth hacking as well as implementing long term retention programs. I trust my gut but look to the numbers to validate my ideas whenever possible. I lean heavily into analytics, revisiting and revising strategy based on outcomes. I love collaborating in a team environment and also enjoy working solo towards goals. I’m looking to build my own powerhouse team in the right company.

I started Hi Vista Media back in 2010 to help small businesses build a web presence. I helped brands connect with more customers without breaking the bank, offering cost-effective solutions to help boost brand awareness. I produced high-quality copy, websites, social media marketing campaigns and much more for my clients. This helped me grow into the marketer I am today – I apply a growth hacker mindset to everything I do, but the perfectionist in me makes sure that my efforts aren’t typo-ridden or half-assed. No, I focus on data-led, sustainable strategy that not only moves the needle acquisition-wise but creates a solid foundation for retention.

It wasn’t all biscuits and gravy, however.

2010 was an important year for me. Foremost, I graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelors in Sociology, a Bachelors in International Studies, and a Minor in Business Administration. Although proud to have completed my college degrees, I was forced head-first into the recession-ridden job market. I had begun my job search months before graduating but it still took me 4 months after finishing school to land a sales job. During those 4 months I resolved to not let the job hunting period appear as a hiatus from work on my resume. I did some freelance writing and established a fun little lifestyle brand, Broke in the OC, on a collection of social media platforms. I continued to do freelance writing and social media marketing in my free time after landing my job. I also branched out into web design.

But why is this site called “Hi Vista Media”?

The name Hi Vista Media comes from a beloved, inspirational place in the Mojave Desert, California, just outside Edwards Air Force Base, where I spent a lot of time as a child. Hi Vista is still a place where I imagine freely. The Mojave’s desolate, parched landscape and lack of sound seem to lull a person deep into their own thoughts. It’s my happy place and also happened to be where I spent a lot of time working on my freelance business. So, as a way to pull that creativity in and to honor that part of my life, I named my professional site and my freelancing brand after Hi Vista.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll take the time to reach out! Contact me to let me know what you’re all about.

I look forward to our future chat!


Sarah Le