3 Marketing Blogs to Follow

Whether you are a novice or experienced in your trade it is essential to keep up with news in the trade. Fortunately for those interested or working in marketing there is an endless amount of news sources. So the problem then becomes which sources should you follow? I recommend keeping up with these 3 marketing blogs:

Buffer Blog

Buffer App's marketing blogBuffer is a popular social media app that collects posts for your various social media accounts and posts them at timely intervals so that you can get content out regularly across all your preferred platforms. I use this app myself and find it highly useful. I also receive their blog posts via email and have found every article to be very informative.

I would say I receive an email notification once every week or week and a half, which I feel is a perfect interval. Buffer’s posts have insightful research, valuable resources and great marketing recommendations. They also keep the “sales-y” emails to a minimum. You can visit the Buffer Blog to check out their posts and sign up for email notifications.


Social Media Examiner marketing news siteSocial Media Examiner

As far as marketing blogs go, this site is one of the most popular strictly social media marketing news sites out there. Their blog posts are rich in great content, including research, resources and social media news. For instance, every time Facebook or Twitter gets a redesign, Social Media Examiner is on top of those changes and outputs a fantastic guide for the new features.

I can personally attest to their guides’ helpfulness. You can sign up for email notifications by visiting the Social Media Examiner Subscribe page.


Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite social media management system blogSocial media managing console Hootsuite makes scheduling posts and tracking content across many account easy, so it’s no wonder that they have a great blog accompanying their popular offering. Much of their blog posts consists of helpful research findings and small to medium-sized business social media marketing case studies. Their posts can be inspirational and uplifting as well. To sign up for blog post notifications straight to your inbox visit the Hootsuite Blog.

Well, I kept it short and sweet for you. I hope these resources help you!


-Sarah Le
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