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Facebook logo - Outstanding Facebook PagesFacebook is a powerful tool that can carry a brand beyond the remote nature of its website home-base and into a highly social, discoverable space where that brand can find and build its community of like-minded supporters. Some pages are successful, many more are not. Below are examples of outstanding Facebook pages and what they’re doing right. These pages demonstrate what can be achieved through passionate, creative Facebook posting.

1) Humans Of New York

With over 10 million “likes” on Facebook, HONY is a groundbreaking photojournalism site that originally started out with subjects in New York City. Posts consist of individuals or small groups around the city and a short quote from the subject, with the occasional promotion of the brand owner’s photo books. The brand has recently broadened to a global focus as the founder travels the world with his camera for 10 months. HONY benefits most from the subjects themselves, however the photojournalist behind the brand also seeks out the raw, humanizing truth of his subjects. He’s capturing a person’s personality, even their soul, through his photography and interviews. Conversations crop up with almost every post due to the diversity and often controversial context of many photos and their messages.

What we can learn: Authentic messages, true to the page’s mission, are the mark of a good brand that inspire conversations and sharing.


2) Forest Freak

Environmental awareness and education oriented Facebook page Forest Freak posts daily reminders of the preciousness of our natural world. Their posts are inspiring and informative, consisting mainly of beautiful images of natural scenes. From time to time Forest Freak asks followers to share posts. This Facebook page has quite a following, boasting over 50,000 “likes.” This page draws people who are passionate about the environment and want to help spread environmental awareness.

What we can learn: Occasionally ask followers to share posts.


3) The Imagination Tree

Parents and teachers flock to this page to get educational craft ideas for young ones. The Imagination Tree has a popular blog counterpart. The brand was created by a teacher from the UK. She creates bright, exciting images of the crafts to accompany tutorials, which also offer explanations on how children benefit from each activity. Due to her background as a teacher, followers of the page can trust and depend on her to provide credible tutorials.
What we can learn: Tutorials with great visuals presented by an expert generate trusting followers.


4) Beautiful/Decay

This page features unique art from around the world. Posts exclusively link to articles on the Beautiful Decay website. The artworks are often shocking and depict odd, even confusing scenes. Almost every image will stop visitors in their tracks. Posts receive plenty of shares and “likes” but few comments. Still, at over 65,000 “likes” this page has quite the following.

What we can learn: Eye-popping images attract followers.


5) Carol Roullard Art

As you may have noticed, all of the pages listed in this article have a lot of followers. However, engagement is really what you want out of a Facebook page. The Carol Roullard Art Facebook page has much fewer followers in comparison but much the same level of engagement. In some instances, this page beats out the other members of this list for engagement. I help manage this Facebook page with my mother, Carol Roullard. We post pictures of her micro-crystal fine art, potential pieces, new experiments, event info, press, etc. Often times we pose questions to the community and ask what followers see in her work, as everyone seems to see something different in the abstract art. Followers respond positively to this. We often get a lot of comments and “likes” on posts that request followers’ input.

What we can learn: Don’t focus on follower count. Aim for engagement as it is the sign of a healthy community, which is the true goal of social media marketing.



6) Puppy Bowl

Proof that a successful Facebook page can be created from something truly bonkers, but in some way attractive to the masses. Mix humor with cuteness and you have the Puppy Bowl and its very successful Facebook page. Almost every post on the page features an adorable pup. As far as these outstanding Facebook pages go, this page is unique in that it has a powerful marketing campaign behind it due to its major television network roots. Animal Planet provides the marketing arm for the Puppy Bowl and so the Facebook page benefits in turn.

What we can learn: Cuteness wins hearts (and “likes”).



7) Hidden Los Angeles

The “things going on in my area” category, when done well, can be a highly popular resource for those living in and interested in a particular location. Los Angeles, being very expansive as well as a top travel destination in the world, is an easy target for the category. The page has well over 300,000 “likes” and lots of engagement, meaning that posts are relevant and high quality.

What we can learn: When you have your page’s mission, always reference back to it when determining each post. Followers will increase as a result.


Summing Up these Outstanding Facebook Pages

Across all of these outstanding Facebook pages you will see these key points for the page’s success: regular, frequent posting and adherence to a mission. Once a page has determined its goal, it can begin to post high quality content tied into the mission at a regular pace and new followers will come. Keep posts high quality and engagement will follow as well.

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