Small Businesses & Social Media Marketing Go Together

I’ll be honest, I love the small town feel I grew up with.  I can greatly appreciate the sense of comfort felt when walking into a local restaurant, venue, shop, etc. and feeling at home because I  know and trust the business just like I would trust a well-known neighbor.

Since we’re being honest, I know that as a business-owner you might feel the inclination to appeal to your customers as their go-to “mom and pop” shop while also yearning for growth.   I believe it’s all possible!  Social media marketing is the way.

I want to help you become the neighborhood favorite.  One-on-one communication has always been at the base of good business.  Your customers want to be in touch with you!  Its time to reach out to your community in new ways, making a real connection with each beloved customer and thus broadening your business horizons.

As a customer I always look for personal touches, smiling employees, and helpful customer service, the kind of aspects that small businesses are most well-known for. Social media provides a means for broadcasting these sought-after traits. Your satisfied customers may pick up on these broadcasts using social media and re-promote these business traits. If connecting with your customers and community to spread the message of your business in a new way sounds good to you, then let’s get started!

Get in touch with me today so I can help you connect with more of your community while keeping that small town vibe.

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-Sarah Roullard
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