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Motivational Monday – Get Your Motivation On

I am sure there is an exception here but for the most part, we all struggle with motivation at work from time to time. Some of us may struggle with it more frequently than others. Building your motivation up from 0 to 100% can seem like the hardest task on your list.

I personally have a hard time looking at a long list of To-Dos and getting started. I first noticed the problem in college and let it linger on into my professional life before I thought, enough is enough! I’ve since developed some habits to help (I’ll note the activities I practice below) – but there’s always room for improvement, isn’t there?

Here are some resources to boost your motivation and get you excited for productivity at work.

1) Plan rewards between tasks.

A piece of candyBreak up your day with little rewards designed to get you looking forward to more than just completing each task. Setting up a rewards system is a proven psychological hack for getting through those rough times. These rewards can be 5 minutes on Facebook, a walk around the building, a snack, etc. Space out individual rewards between tasks with bigger rewards taking place after more difficult or longer tasks. Don’t cheat! Stick to your plan. Once you get one or two rewards you’ll feel your motivation climb.


2) Start with a fun to-do item first.

I often structure my day’s to-dos by putting an important but easy if not fun task as the first item on my list. The goal is to get that item done quickly and then experience the rewarding feeling of crossing it off your list. If you are productive right out the gate, you’re much more likely to feel motivated to get through the rest of your task list with enthusiasm and efficiency.


3) Create a “pre-game” routine to get you in the correct frame of mind.

A lot can be said for getting into the correct frame of mind to before starting. This can be said about any activity: working out, speaking, cleaning your house, etc. It’s easier said than done. That’s why some productive people go through a few ritual activities to get into the proper mental state. Here’s a great article that will help you develop your own pre-game routine.


4) Watch this video:

A motivational video may help you refocus and build enthusiasm for productivity.

5) Still stuck in a rut? Try meditation.

Uh oh, did this blog post suddenly get all spiritual on you? No, no. I’m not suggesting that you pursue the life of a monk. Believe it or not, many successful entrepreneurs and business professionals practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis as a way to direct their focus throughout the day for maximum efficacy in each activity. There are many different forms of meditation. Through practice, mindfulness meditation helps you control your wandering thoughts. The goal is to strengthen your awareness and put yourself in the moment. To learn more about the practice of mindfulness meditation, it’s purpose and benefits, read this article.


Hopefully some of these tips help you! Have a happy Monday.


-Sarah Le
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