Sprout Social offers a great Social Media Marketing Acronym List

FYI Social Media Marketing Acronyms List

The world of Marketing closely follows current trends and cultural tendencies. Acronyms are one of these cultural tendencies that marketers are keeping close tabs on, so much so that they are now a permanent facet of marketing vernacular. Marketers have adopted many of the common acronyms in their messaging, keeping a pulse on consumer behavior and interacting appropriately. Beyond that, Marketers create their own social media marketing acronyms to make internal communication faster and easier. It’s a good idea to know these acronyms as you may find them around the internet and in communication with marketing professionals.

Acronyms are particularly useful in social media where character limits often apply or time invested is minimal. You may find your consumers regularly using common acronyms on social media. I definitely recommend that you take a moment to understand their messages – you could otherwise be missing valuable insight into consumer behavior!

Don’t let this overwhelm you. It may seem as though there is a new acronym every week, and that may be true. I’ve found that once I nailed down the essential, basic social media marketing acronyms, I have been primed to quickly pick up new ones, which are often derivatives of those already in common use. Once you get the hang of it, you may even be able to decode new ones as they crop up, without any help.

Before you navigate to Urban Dictionary, take a look at this awesome list of social media marketing acronyms compiled by social media management platform Sprout Social:


Social Media Acronym Cheatsheet - Sprout Social
Courtesy of Sprout Social

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