LinkedIn and HubSpot’s Love Child – The Marketing Skills Handbook

LinkedIn HubSpot Marketing Skills Handbook - A Deep Dive into Todays Most In-Demand Marketing JobsHubSpot and LinkedIn recently released some very interesting joint literature titled The Marketing Skills Handbook – A Deep Dive into Today’s Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs. Why does this concern you? Because you may be a company looking to hire a marketing professional, a marketing professional yourself or you’re just curious (as you should be). Read on, friends, for an overview and some of my own opining.

So this is the most exciting part, and I can’t wait to share it with you so I am just going to spill the beans now – HubSpot and LinkedIn report that SEO is the number one most-valued skill in marketing job candidates. Across the tech, financial services, education, retail and manufacturing industries, SEO is in the top 2 most-valued marketer skills. I am really glad to see this. SEO has largely been a buzzword, which hiring managers and job candidates alike throw around without any real regard for the skill. A firm grasp of SEO with a good helping of experience should indeed be expected of marketing professionals!

But, how does a hiring manager validate the claims of a job candidate? How does that individual prove that he or she actually has the SEO know-how they claim to have, or some of the other requisite marketing skills for that matter? Certificates, that’s how. Google offers one for Analytics and AdWords, HubSpot offers a few. Here’s a Quora post with suggested top marketing certifications to get any modern marketer going (links throughout the post may not work so just use your search skills to find them).

Despite the strong demand for SEO, it generally doesn’t show up in the top 3 skills. In addition to SEO, SEM is heavily emphasized (alongside SEO) and so is Marketing Demand Generation as well as Digital and Online Marketing.

The handbook also explains the increasing importance of the marketing department as data-driven customer intelligence takes the wheel. This is evident particularly in the fact that marketing titles continue to increase in prominence on LinkedIn. Additionally, the guide offers helpful tips for marketing professionals or enthusiasts looking to enhance their LinkedIn profile.

I have to note that HubSpot, premier inbound marketing platform visionaries, and LinkedIn, professional networking powerhouse, are like a match made in heaven for this study. How did the stars align so? I mean, it just makes sense, but still, whoever there is to thank for thinking up this joint study, I bow to you. Seriously.

Lastly, I just thought I would mention just how darn fun the design of this handbook is… right?

List of Skills Marketing Departments Want in 2015 from LinkedIn and HubSpot for The Marketing Skills Handbook
Skills Marketing Departments Want in 2015 | LinkedIn and HubSpot

-Sarah Le
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