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LinkedIn and HubSpot’s Love Child – The Marketing Skills Handbook

HubSpot and LinkedIn recently released some very interesting joint literature titled The Marketing Skills Handbook – A Deep Dive into Today’s Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs. Why does this concern you? Because you may be a company looking to hire a marketing professional, a marketing professional yourself or you’re just curious (as you should be). Read on, friends, for an overview and some of my own opining.

Sprout Social offers a great Social Media Marketing Acronym List

FYI Social Media Marketing Acronyms List

The world of Marketing closely follows current trends and cultural tendencies. Acronyms are one of these cultural tendencies that marketers are keeping close tabs on, so much so that they are now a permanent facet of marketing vernacular. Marketers have adopted many of the common acronyms in their messaging, keeping a pulse on consumer behavior and interacting […]

"A year from now you'll wish you had started today." -Karen Lamb

Motivational Monday – Get Your Motivation On

I am sure there is an exception here but for the most part, we all struggle with motivation at work from time to time. Some of us may struggle with it more frequently than others. Building your motivation up from 0 to 100% can seem like the hardest task on your list.


Avoid These Top 3 Branding Mistakes

A lot of thought and planning goes into developing a brand. Don’t let that discourage you from creating your brand. If your company can avoid making these top 3 branding mistakes, then you’ll be in business.

Outstanding Facebook Pages

Facebook is a powerful tool that can carry a brand beyond the remote nature of its website home-base and into a highly social, discoverable space where that brand can find and build its community of like-minded supporters. Some pages are successful, many more are not. Below are examples of outstanding Facebook pages and what they’re doing right. These […]

5 Misconceptions About Twitter

5 Misconceptions About Twitter

Twitter has grown to become one of the most prominent social media networking sites out there. The website’s growth in popularity has minimized the number of false impressions surrounding the social media giant, but still many misconceptions about Twitter persist.

Small Businesses & Social Media Marketing Go Together

I’ll be honest, I love the small town feel I grew up with.  I can greatly appreciate the sense of comfort felt when walking into a local restaurant, venue, shop, etc. and feeling at home because I  know and trust the business just like I would trust a well-known neighbor. Since we’re being honest, I […]

Addressing Small Businesses

I’m here to help you and your small business communicate with potential customers in your neighborhood via social media. .. What’s that?  You say you don’t think social media will help your small business?  Here’s some compelling data from small business trend reporting and resource site, The 2010 Local Search Usage Study yielded some […]

Social Media for Social Good

Hello again! Social Media has many purposes; connecting friends, sharing news, promoting brands, etc. One bright, revolutionary use of social media is to support charity giving and cause awareness. Non-profit groups have taken charge of their social media accounts and banded together with celebrities, political leaders, and other prominent influencers, to create charity campaigns aimed […]

Case Study: Food Truck Industry and Social Media

Hello and Happy New Year!  Are you curious about how different industries use social media to increase brand awareness?  Please watch the following two videos which illustrate how social networking is utilized to create and strengthen communication with customers. Make sure to take note of how these small business leverage social media applications such as […]